Special Services

Specialized Marketing Services

Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce provides to members that require it, 2 lists of contacts annually. These lists are for one specific sector and each contact includes business address, website, telephone number and mail address

Selection of targeted contacts for direct mail and other promotional campaigns

Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce, on request will build a program of meetings with potential partners in Italy or in Israel

Selection of initial contact with potential business partners

The IIC offers assistance in the organization of business meetings between Italian and Israeli companies in the most important trade fairs.

Organization of trade show participation

The Chamber, thanks to a broad network of relationship in many strategic sectors, is able to identify the players and most exhibitors. When planning international trade shows in Israel, the IIC helps to create contacts between stakeholders who show interest in building relations with new business partners. Our vast network and business relations in a number of strategic fields, in both countries, helps the IIC to quickly find the right industry players, exhibitors and buyers.

Preparation of media plans and promotional campaigns

Italian and Israeli companies might require the IIC to build promotional campaigns. These campaigns are built ad hoc in order to promote a service, a product, or a territory.The Chamber works hand in hand with Italian and local companies and institutions to offer a different, “out of the box” approach to marketing

Organization of commercial delegations and trade missions

Considering that the success of trade shows depends on the quality of business relations created, the Chamber has the resources and reputation necessary to organize profitable meetings between groups and individuals