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The Chamber offers you to opportunity to become part of a dynamic network of institutions and entrepreneurs, ranging from small startups to large corporations. Every day, we work to forge new partnerships and enhance existing ones by connecting ideas, products, technologies, and innovation across the Mediterranean.

Our members enjoy a vast range of benefits, support, and opportunities with concrete returns on their profitability and global reach. Concretely, we provide all our associates with:

  • Two lists of contacts per year, according to their specific interests in the Italian or Israeli market;
  • Dedicated prices for all our services;
  • Invitation to all the events hosted by the Chamber;
  • Promotion of their activities through all our channels, including our newsletter;
  • Dedicated prices at our partner hotels, both in Italy and Israel.


To join us, have a look at our membership types and apply directly on the website. 

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Italian Corporations (more than 100 employees)

By being member of our Chamber you will be entitled to unique benefits that will help you, and your organization, to expand your network and your business operations. 

EUR 499 / 12 months
Corporate Israel
ILS 750 / 12 months
Association and Chambers of Commerce
EUR 200 / 12 months