Since 2018, the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry covers also the role of Representative Office of ENIT Tel Aviv – Italian National Agency for Tourism. The main activities promoted by this collaboration are:

a. To take care of the promotion of the Italian tourist image and of the various types of national tourism offers, as well as the integrated promotion of the tourist resources of the Italian Regions

b. To carry out promotional strategies at national and international level and information abroad, to support businesses for the marketing of Italian tourism products, in connection with quality productions of other economic and productive sectors, culture and the environment

c. To promote the marketing of typical, artisanal food and wine products in Italy and abroad

The best way through which our Representative Office is able to carry out an outstanding promotion of the Italian tourism and image is by social media activities, promotional advertising campaigns and by increasing the awareness, among Israeli businessmen and companies, of Italy as a potential economic partner. 

Most of the cultural activities that took place, have seen a collaboration with public bodies and with the offices of the diplomatic-consular network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, including Cultural Institutes and the Embassy.

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