Agrisrael 4.0

Last week, the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce participated in a three day tour in Israel called Agrisrael 4.0. It was organized by the Israeli Export Institute, with the aim of exposing Israeli innovation and forging international collaborations in the Agricultural sector.

Israel, the Startup Nation, is one of the main leaders in the digital agricultural revolution, and in this era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, has introduced cutting-edge solutions that are helping evolve the agricultural industry, resulting in higher quality and production techniques – for example, adopting improving seeds or irrigation systems. All these prominent changes are expected to have a global impact and contribute to a better world through new technologies such as drones, sensors, robotics and more.

Between on-site visits, B2B meetings, professional seminars and live demos, the AgriTech Tour has been a phenomenal opportunity for world-wide companies in this sector, to identify products or process innovations that will help have a competitive advantage in terms of quality and sustainability.

The first day, the delegates participated in a professional seminar at the Barkan Wineries with top guest speakers in the sector , followed by a wine tasting tour; the second day, B2B meetings were organized with over 100 companies, and in the afternoon the companies attended a guided tour of the old city of Jerusalem. On the last day, they had the possibility of choosing between two different routes to kibbutzim where they got the real experience of the agricultural world in Israel and of the real implementation of different technologies.

We had the honor of hosting Paolo Marizza, Corporate and Financial Officer of Innoventually and professor of Digital Innovation, that besides actively participating in the entire program of Agrisrael 4.0, he also visited “The Floor”, a world-class FinTech Hub, where he was introduced to the “Innovation Ecosystem in Israel”. The evening of the second day, he enjoyed a wonderful “aperitivo” at an event at the Italian ambassador’s residence.

We would like to take the chance to thank the Israel Export Institute and the other organizers of Agrisrael 4.0, The Floor, the Italian Embassy in Israel and everyone who participated and contributed in creating an incredible atmosphere through the discovery of the florid Israeli ecosystem and the creation of new business opportunities!